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How to Fill Out the Form 7004?

The Form 7004, better known as a Request for a Tax Extension, is a detailed form with many areas that must be completed for the extension to be accepted. Though the Form 7004 has 8 sections that must be completed, not all sections apply to everyone.

Line 1a only applies to those filing for an Automatic 5-1/2-Month tax extension.

Line 1b only applies to those filing for an Automatic 6-Month tax extension.

You cannot File for an Automatic 5-1/2 and 6-Month extension. If you have entered information on both Line 1a and 1b your request for tax extension will be rejected.

Line 2 is only for foreign corporations that don’t have an office located in the US

Line 3 is only for corporations. Please view the Instructions on Form 7004 for more details.

All Filers must Complete Part III of Form 7004

Line 4 is for those entitled to a 3-Month extension. For more details view the instruction for Form 7004.

Line 5 designates if you are filing out of a normal tax year or if you are filing for a short year and why.

Line 6 is to clarify the total amount of tax, including any non-refundable tax credits, the entity expects to owe for the tax year. (See the specific instructions for the applicable tax return to estimate the amount of the tentative tax you will owe. If you expect this amount to be zero, enter -0-.)

Line 7 is for the total amount of payments made.

Line 8 states that Form 7004 does not extend the time you have to pay the tax due. If the entity is a corporation or affiliated group of corporations filing a consolidated return, the corporation must remit the amount of the unpaid tax liability (shown in Line 8) on or before the due date of the return.